Saturday, January 28, 2012

I-Candy Couture Fan: Jerseylicious Girl Tracy!

This is so amazing to us to have Tracy from Jerseylicious rocking our Hello Kitty Bow with candy sprinkles ring, as well as the Candy Sprinkles Heart Pendant/Necklace! These items are handmade by Honey from I-Candy Couture, and hand-casted in resin. It's such a great privilege for our business to be growing to this kind of altitude!!! =)

Let me show you a close up of the items that Tracy is sporting in the photograph above...

The necklace is the top photo obviously and it costs $15.00 on our website, the ring is $12.00. Unfortunately, both of these items are sold out buuuut I can guarantee you will find something else that you will absolutely love on our site whether it be jewelry, an accessory, or some new mineral cosmetics!

Don't forget - only three more days to take advantage of our 20% off of orders over $20.00!! Check it out ~ and don't forget to mention that Dawn sent you =)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Introducing: Candy Bits! Our Newsletter!

Okay, now I know the newsletter appears a little small and distorted on my blog post but I wanted it to be able to fit inside of the post obviously, lol. If you wish to view the newsletter in full size, please click here. Now.. for the good stuff, hehe.

This newsletter is absolutely an awesome addition to our website! It showcases products of the month, as well as a promoter of the month. This gives you a chance to really get to know us I-Candy promoters as well as learn about our favorite particular ICC products that we all use, love and enjoy.

 Just to give you a brief rundown, we have a new arrivals section which is currently showcasing our I-Candy fix eye primer, our mineral eye shadow palettes and quads, as well as our glitzy glitter glue and gel eye liners. I have yet to test these particular products out yet but I can't wait to personally!

We also have a section that informs you of our current contests and giveaways. That's always a great area to keep up on! You can also follow us on Facebook if you want to be sure not to miss out on any there.. by the way, we do currently have a Valentine's day contest going on on our Facebook fan page.

Our pigment of the week/jewelry of the week is another section. This area showcases different products that we have and is also right next to the Beauty Tip of the week. This is great for those of you who are just starting out and need a little guidance, or even for those of you who are well experienced with make up but are looking for some new tips and tricks. By the way, these are from Honey and she is a great professional make up artist as well as photographer!

Last but not least, one of my favorite parts of Candy Bits is that the bottom portion showcases a monthly pigment and a monthly jewelry item. These items will be 50% off! This month Lucky Shade full size is on sale for $2.50 and our woven twisted hoop earrings are $4.00. By the way, if you want to see a video of mine on my YT channel, I showcase a gorgeous pair of black/green woven hoop earrings in my November ICC goodies video.

LAST BUT NOT LEAST.. you only have a few more days to snag our 20% off all orders over $20.00 sale! (Excludes items that are pre order) So head on over to and be sure to place your order to take advantage of some of the discounts and great sales we have on mineral cosmetics and accessories! Don't forget to put in your notes section on your payment that Dawn sent you =)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Spotlight ICC Product: Hollywood Pigment!

Looking for a great "Spring" color to amp up your beauty collection?! After all, spring is only just around the corner. "Hollywood" is part of our eye candy mineral eye shadow pigments permanent collection. It's a gorgeous color, nearly a neon blue! 

All pigments are available on our website, and full size pigments are $5.00 for 4 grams. Or you can opt for a sample clam size jar for just $1.00. 

By the way, for the rest of the month of January, orders over $20.00 do receive a 20% off discount (with the exception of pre-order items). Time is running out to grab a deal on this awesome offer!

Did you know that all of our cosmetic items are made to order? This will guarantee you the freshest cosmetic products! Enjoy!

Be sure to tell I-Candy Couture that Dawn sent you. =)

Review: Vita Bath Body Wash!

Tired of those groggy mornings? Feel like you’re dragging your feet? Vitabath has revitalized their body wash collection and introduced the “Fragrance Collection.” These scents range from luxurious spa scented body washes to invigorating and uplifting scents. They can definitely give your spirit a lift during those morning showers before work!

I had a chance to try out the new Vitabath line, particularly the Asian Orchid & Coconut body wash. It has angelica extract, along with Vitamins A, B3, B5, C and E. They also work to assist in moisturizing your skin, leaving it soft and smooth as well as refreshed and clean.  And the best part? These body washes are paraben and sulfate free!

There are four collections to this new line: “Spa Day,” “In Bloom,” Fruit Franatic,” and “Cupcake Couture.”  These collections provide a wide variety of scents such as green tea & sage, beach blossom, wild red cherry, and scrumptious vanilla sugar, along with 12 other lovely aromas. These fragrances are geared towards being fresh and playful, and some are even therapeutic. They retail for $9.99 (12 fl. oz.) and are available at Ulta Beauty, Bed Bath & Beyond, and a couple of other regional outlets. You can also purchase them from . 

My experience with this product was amazing. I have never used a body wash that actually left a lingering scent on my skin for more than an hour or two and I loved it! They also leave your skin feeling baby soft. The most impressive factor about this body wash is the lathering effect. With just using a very small amount of product, it lathers a large loofa. You can also use this product as a bubble bath, which I have, and I must say that by using just a tiny amount, the amount bubbles that this product produces are astronomical. 
All in all, I would give Vitabath body was five stars. The product reeled me in and I am totally hooked! It is worth every penny of $9.99 in my opinion and I can see it lasting for quite some time since you don’t have to use tons of product to get a nice, rich lather in the shower.  

Check out the video review for more detailed information!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Spotlight ICC Product: Pink & Purple Bow Stud Earrings!

Hey gorgeous ladies! Today I wanted to share a specific pair of earrings from These earrings are part of our Valentine's Day Forever jewelry collection (there is also a make up collection too!). These earrings cost $4.00 so they are not only affordable but they are super cute!

They are pink bows outlined with purple, and are completely girlish and pretty. Something about these earrings just reminds me of being a little girl... maybe because they are so girly and similar to the bows and barrettes that we used to put in our hair! lol 

Don't forget that all month long for the month of January, your order over $20.00 will receive 20% off! Satisfy your candy craving at and be sure to tell Honey that Dawn sent ya! =D

Saturday, January 7, 2012

EyesLipsFace Cyber Monday Haul

Spotlight ICC Product: 24K Pink Lip Gloss!

 Today's spotlight product of the day is I-Candy Couture's 24K Pink lip gloss! The photograph above showcases our product here in a jar, which holds 10 grams by the way. It costs $6.00 and is filled with approximately 11ml's of lip gloss. 24K Pink is a gorgeous pink color with some gold glitter in it, and has a light flavor of cotton candy - yum =)

We also offer this lip gloss in a squeeze tube for the same price of $6.00 if you prefer this sort of application of gloss which would of course be finger/lip brush free (unless of course you still use a lip brush with a squeeze tube).. I personally prefer the jar but either one is gorgeous.

Please head on over to to purchase these products or any of our other products, and also note that during the month of January we are offering 20% off of your order over $20.00 (with the exception of pre-order merchandise). Be sure to tell Honey that Dawn sent you! Oh yeah and don't forget to like us on Facebook...!/icandycouture

Friday, January 6, 2012

Valentine's Day Love Collection! I-Candy Couture

Today I am so excited to share with you all the launch of the new Valentine's Day Love Collection from Above is a photo of all of the new LOVE INSPIRED/THEMED items we have on the site and don't forget our special of 20% off is going on ALL MONTH for orders over $20.00! This is your chance to grab some great cosmetics (and cute jewelry) at a really affordable price! Please remember that we list ALL of the ingredients in our items on our website!

The first two items at the top are our two new additions. They do come in a 10 gram jar, with 11 ml of product for $6.00. The one on the left is a lip gloss called Love Me and is a sheer/clearish lip gloss that has silver sparkles. Great to add shine or to moisturize your smackers! The second is called Enchanted and is a lip jelly. It's another sheer tint with a hint of pink/burgundy color and also is great for moisturizing as well. 

The next row (middle row), I will describe from left to right.  They are all mineral eye shadows (handmade btw) and come in 5 gram jars, with 4.2 grams of product for $5.00. You can opt to get a sample sized in a clam jar for $1.00!

"Love Always" is our first baby pink color and also has a light gold metallic shimmer to it.  
"Desire" is a gorgeous silver color which can be used as a highlight for under the brow or can be foiled to create a richer and more intense look.
"Cupid" is a white/goldish shade which is great to highlight your brow, inner tear duct area, or your cheek bones. 
"Forever" is a great blueish shade, I would use this as a lid color, or blend this into your crease and use a brown shade on the lid!
"Mi Amore" is a rich pinky/red shade with sparkles. 

This collection also introduces the first glitters to The glitters are $5.50. 
To the left is "Bleeding Love"  which is a blend of pink and rich burnt reds and golds. The glitter on the right is called "Romance Me" which is a beautiful glittery hot pink shade. 

And last but definitely not least, "XOXO" which is our first mineral blush! It's $8.00 for a 10 gram jar filled with product. It's a pretty pink shade with soft tones of gold to add a natural looking highlight. 

Honestly, I don't know WHAT I am the most excited about! We also offer packages at a cheaper rate... what I mean by that is, if you buy the entire set of shadows, it will cost less, etc. Check out the site for more info.. but right now, my favs of this collection are the blush "xoxo", Cupid, and Bleeding Love, oh yeah and Mi Amore too.. well I guess I like them all. =D
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