Friday, January 6, 2012

Valentine's Day Love Collection! I-Candy Couture

Today I am so excited to share with you all the launch of the new Valentine's Day Love Collection from Above is a photo of all of the new LOVE INSPIRED/THEMED items we have on the site and don't forget our special of 20% off is going on ALL MONTH for orders over $20.00! This is your chance to grab some great cosmetics (and cute jewelry) at a really affordable price! Please remember that we list ALL of the ingredients in our items on our website!

The first two items at the top are our two new additions. They do come in a 10 gram jar, with 11 ml of product for $6.00. The one on the left is a lip gloss called Love Me and is a sheer/clearish lip gloss that has silver sparkles. Great to add shine or to moisturize your smackers! The second is called Enchanted and is a lip jelly. It's another sheer tint with a hint of pink/burgundy color and also is great for moisturizing as well. 

The next row (middle row), I will describe from left to right.  They are all mineral eye shadows (handmade btw) and come in 5 gram jars, with 4.2 grams of product for $5.00. You can opt to get a sample sized in a clam jar for $1.00!

"Love Always" is our first baby pink color and also has a light gold metallic shimmer to it.  
"Desire" is a gorgeous silver color which can be used as a highlight for under the brow or can be foiled to create a richer and more intense look.
"Cupid" is a white/goldish shade which is great to highlight your brow, inner tear duct area, or your cheek bones. 
"Forever" is a great blueish shade, I would use this as a lid color, or blend this into your crease and use a brown shade on the lid!
"Mi Amore" is a rich pinky/red shade with sparkles. 

This collection also introduces the first glitters to The glitters are $5.50. 
To the left is "Bleeding Love"  which is a blend of pink and rich burnt reds and golds. The glitter on the right is called "Romance Me" which is a beautiful glittery hot pink shade. 

And last but definitely not least, "XOXO" which is our first mineral blush! It's $8.00 for a 10 gram jar filled with product. It's a pretty pink shade with soft tones of gold to add a natural looking highlight. 

Honestly, I don't know WHAT I am the most excited about! We also offer packages at a cheaper rate... what I mean by that is, if you buy the entire set of shadows, it will cost less, etc. Check out the site for more info.. but right now, my favs of this collection are the blush "xoxo", Cupid, and Bleeding Love, oh yeah and Mi Amore too.. well I guess I like them all. =D

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