Sunday, February 19, 2012

ICC - Hello Kitty Goodness!

Do you dig Hello Kitty? So do I! Check out these gorgeous necklace from I-Candy Couture... this Hello Kitty necklace would surely accentuate your outfit in such a cute way. This gorgeous piece only retails for $20.00! Or ...

These necklaces/rings retail for $16.00 and are available in Kerropi, Hello Kitty, Chococat, or My Melody. These are such cute little pieces! Definitely brings out your inner little girl. =) 

Be sure to check out our new user friendly store front also at Don't forget to mention that Dawn sent you! =)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

NEW: "A Child At Heart" Pigment Collection at I-Candy Couture

Here at, Honey has been working on a new Disney themed collection of gorgeous pigment colors surely to make your eyes pop! Us ICC promoters were asked for our picks or ideas and I am so excited to say that I had input on one of these gorgeous colors!

 The color I suggested is pictured above and it is a gorgeous gold shade... It's called "3 Wishes" and it is inspired by Aladdin. Let me give you a run down of the other awesome shades that you can get in this collection. They are sold in 5 gram jars and retail for $5.00 each! Sooo super affordable! Don't forget that all of our pigments are made fresh to order so your make up will never have a shelf life. =)

 "Colors of the Wind" is a great pink shade inspired by Pocahontas.

"Everything the Light Touches" is an awesome yellow shade. 

"Floating Lights" is a light purple shade inspired by Tangled.  

"Happy Thoughts" is a white irridescent pigment inspired by Peter Pan & Tinkerbell.

"Just Keep Swimming" is a bright blue color inspired by Finding Nemo.

"Kitty" is a teal shade inspired by Monster's Inc. 

"Mermaid Serenade" is a medium to light aqua shade inspired by the Little Mermaid.

"Ohana means.. Family" is a deep blueish navy shade inspired by Lilo & Stitch. 

"Only in my dreams..." is a bright fuschia pink shade inspired by Sleeping Beauty. 

"Puppy Love" is a shimmery very deep navy or charcoal shade. It appears duochrome almost.  It is inspired by Lady & The Tramp.

"Purr" is inspired by Alice In Wonderland and is a very deep purple shade with tons of shimmer. 

"Shark Bait" is inspired by Finding Nemo also and is an orange pigment... super fun!

"To Inifity!" is inspired by Toy Story and is a light green pigment. 

"...Where I've Been" is inspired by Cars and is a brown/bronzey shade, medium toned. 

These pigments will be added to our website tomorrow morning but for now you can check them out, photos of the pigments in the jars as well as swatches on our Facebook page at.. don't forget to like us on Facebook! We often hold contests on our Facebook page so you could win some ICC goodies!

Friday, February 3, 2012

What's In My January My Glam Bag!

ICC Pigment Of the Week! Maui Only $2.50 for Full Size!

Our gorgeous pigment of the week at I-Candy Couture cosmetics and accessories is Maui, the beautiful blue shade pictured above. For those of you who don't know, our pigment of the week is featured on our weekly newsletter at The pigment of the week is always discounted 50% off the original price of $5.00, meaning you can snag this pigment for only $2.50!

Maui is a mix between a shimmer and a matte, with a silk finish. It has gorgeous green reflects in it as well. It's named after the island in Hawaii. =)

For more information, or to place your order, visit Don't forget we list all ingredients and safe uses for this product on our website! Don't forget to mention that Dawn sent you =)
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