Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beauty Stat Review: Arbonne Products!

You are probably familiar with companies that offer opportunities for individuals to be independent consultants and what not. There are several out there but today I’m here to review some products from Arbonne for you. They offer a wide variety of products ranging from skin care to cosmetics to health care and diet and the list goes on. You may check out their products at http://arbonne.com

First I am going to begin with the cosmetic products that I have tried….

The lipstick I tested is from the Treasures of the Rainforest Collection and is in the shade Nectar. Nectar is a gorgeous orange shade. It is very bright and bold on the lips. The formulation of the lipstick is amazing; it has a smooth and creamy texture. There is absolutely nothing drying about this lipstick what so ever! This particular shade has no shimmer or sparkle in it either. 

As for the wear time on this lipstick, it is only for a few hours. If you are eating/drinking/smoking/talking while wearing it, you may feel the need to reapply sooner. It actually wears off very nicely though and maintains and even coat on your lips as opposed to being blotchy. This lipstick is not scented at all which is a plus, and has no taste to it really (not that you’re eating it anyway!)

The packaging is very sleek. Arbonne is listed on the side in a metallic red along with the Arbonne symbol. The name of the shade is located on the bottom of the tube as is with most lip products. 

The eye shadow quad is called Color Your World (also from the Treasures of the Rainforest Collection), and contains four shadows. All of the shades have some type of shimmer to them, there is no matte shade in this collection. The lightest shade is a nude shade and is called Bamboo, the darker brown shade is called Earth and is a very warm mid-toned brown. The mid-toned teal shade is called Waterfall and is actually a very wearable shade of blue. Finally, the purple shade is called Passionflower and is quite a nice medium shade of purple.

The eye shadows have a strange scent to them that I can’t really put my name on but I do believe it’s because these are natural products. However, as I noted, I did not find this issue to be the same with the lipstick. As far as wear, they did not crease (but of course I used them with an eye shadow primer) and I found them to stay just as bright and vibrant at the end of the day as when I had applied them hours and hours prior. They are all very pigmented and the texture is smooth. I did not experience any fall out while apply these eye shadows. 

The quad actually comes wrapped in a very nice velvety satchel inside of the box. As you can see, the packaging is quite cute and sleek, with the Arbonne symbol in metallic blue on the front of the palette. It does come with a mirror on the inside, but there are no sponge tip applicators with this palette as you may find with others. The name of the palette is on the back of the product along with the individual names to each eye shadow. A small instruction booklet also comes with the quad for those of you who may be new to applying eye shadow. 

The clutch is very colorful and bright. I found that it is not as spacious as it may appear. It snaps shut as you fold it in half (please refer to pictures). It is very sturdy though. You can see that the inside is made of a silky fabric, and has the Arbonne label on the inside. There are some fringes on the zippers, again with the Arbonne logo. The back of the clutch feels to be a suede like material. I do like the colorful design and the fact that it is so colorful and bright. It would be a great statement clutch. In my personal opinion, I dislike clutches because I find they are a pain to carry around being that they have no straps/handles on them. But, if you love to collect clutches, and like bold, colorful pieces, this may be right up your alley. As I have said, it is crafted very well. 

It did have a slightly odd and strong scent of “newness,” for lack of a better word, when I initially opened the package but it has since then faded after use. 

The Treasures of the Rainforest Collection is available at http://arbonne.com for $98.00 and it consists of the lipstick Nectar, the Color Your World palette and the clutch bag. I have not been able to find these items listed on the web-site separately for individual purchase so I believe you may have to buy the complete set if you want any of these items. 

The next few items that I have tested I consider to be a “health food” type of product. I will start off with the Arbonne essentials nutrition bars. They are labeled as dietary supplements. I have tried these in two flavors, “Chocolate” and “Fruit.” I did not particularly care for either of these. The chocolate one had a very bitter flavor, I found it to be so bitter that I could not really eat more than a couple of bites. (This is that typical chocolate/cardboard flavor you find with other dietary bars). The fruit bar I thought was much better than the chocolate bar, but still was a bit too sweet for me somehow. 

Both of these bars only have 170 calories for the entire bar, which isn’t too bad if you’re watching your caloric intake. They are formulated to give you a healthy balance of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals and claim to satisfy your hunger and boost your energy. They have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration if that is important for you. The retail price is $24.00 according to the Arbonne web-site and it appears that you would get 10 bars in each pack. 

The other item that I have tried was the energy fizz sticks, perhaps the most interesting product I have tested by Arbonne. I tried these in two flavors, “pomegranate” and “citrus.” I preferred the pomegranate flavor over the citrus but I did enjoy both.

They are quite interesting in comparison to other products sold like this. They actually fizz up when you pour them into a glass of water (so I would be careful when pouring into a full bottle of water). It’s actually really neat to watch, it kind of fizzes up like Alkaselzter. It gives it a nice fizzy kick, almost like it’s carbonated, but I am not sure exactly what ingredient in this product causes it to fizz. The taste was not overwhelmingly sweet but was not flat and boring either. I enjoyed them. 

These energy fizz sticks only have 13 calories in one pack. You can purchase them for $32.00 on the Arbonne web-site and you get 20 packs in each box. Again, these have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products also claim to promote alertness and enhance cognitive performance and endurance. I didn’t find that they gave me as much of a boost as an energy drink would but I still liked them none the less.

As far as the health products are concerned, I would not purchase these because they are very pricey and I didn’t like them enough to spend that much money on these products. 

However, the cosmetics are a great quality product and I would consider purchasing these again. On the Arbonne website (http://arbonne.com) they have many other cosmetic items such as blush, bronzer, foundation, mascara, lipstick, etc. You may not be able to buy the quad or lipstick I refer to in this review separately, but there are plenty of other products that they offer which I am sure are the same remarkable quality. 

My absolutely favorite product out of all of the products I have tested is the lipstick. I would love to purchase a great, everyday nude color from Arbonne. The lipsticks range a little over $20 for one lipstick, but I promise you, the quality is absolutely awesome. 

*** I am not affiliated with Arbonne nor am I a promoter for this company. All products were provided free of charge for the purposes of reviewing. All opinions are 100% true, unbiased and my own. I did not receive compensation in exchange for this review. 

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