Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Beauty Stat Review: Body Facts by Face Facts!

Sometimes we all need a little boost in the morning and often enough a great bath and shower gel or body lotion with an amazing scent can get us inspired and motivated for the day. 

You may or may not remember a review I did a while ago for a company called Face Facts consisting of reviewing their entire lipstick and lip liner collections. I’m back to review another collection from them called “Body Facts.”

I’ll first start out with the amazing handcrafted scented bar soaps that I have tested. I have these in the two scents they offer; pomegranate and pomegranate & pear. They retail for $7.50. 

At first I was a little skeptical about trying these. I must admit that it has been years and years since I’ve used a bar soap for anything, as a hand soap or a body soap. I do like the marbled appearance of them, as though fruit is swirled through out. I also must say that they do have a delightful, light and fruity scent. 

I was shocked at how well these lathered on a loofa. They also left my skin feeling so squeaky clean after a shower it was pretty amazing. I think I like these better than most body washes I have been using lately!
I personally didn’t think that they left too much of a scent on my skin after the shower, but I must have been wrong. I walked past my boyfriend about 15 minutes after I got out of the shower and got dressed, and he inquired about what kind of perfume I was wearing. I told him that I hadn’t put any on yet! I guess maybe I couldn’t pick up on it but he sure could! Later on that evening, he was in the bathroom and could smell the soap from the shower. He really liked the scent, and I do as well. 

As far as ingredients, as you can see in the photographs, they are made with 100% natural ingredients, are totally paraben free and there is 100% NO animal testing what so ever! Specific ingredients in each scent of soap vary on the scent, but you can refer to the image for a detailed list. 

The next two products kind of go together. They are the Face Facts revitalizing body lotion and body wash. These both have a similar scent to them but it’s not quite exactly the same.  They are both offered on the web-site for $25.50. The great thing about these products is that they have pumps. I absolutely love it – it’s a no fuss no hassle kind of thing!

Again, these are made with all 100% natural ingredients. Please refer to the photograph for a very detailed list of all ingredients in the products. The backs of the labels are shown in the image. The product on the left is the body lotion while the product on the right is the body wash. 

First, I’ll start off with the body wash. This is probably my favorite out of the two. The scent is absolutely great. It’s a very light citrus scent. I picked that up before even reading the ingredients on the back. The body wash smells exactly like grapefruit to me (and that is one of the ingredients in it surprise surprise!) But I also pick up on a lemony/lime scent. I sometimes dislike citrus scented body washes/sprays/lotions because they borderline the scent of a cleaning product – but I did not have that issue with these at all.

I find it to be very uplifting when used in the morning. It leaves a light, clean and fresh fragrance on your body. If paired with the lotion, the scent will last for a much longer amount of time obviously. The body wash lathers up really well on a loofa with about 2-4 pumps of product. 

The body lotion on the other hand has a much lighter scent but as I stated above, it smells very similar to the body wash and I think it was intended to be that way as they have some of the same ingredients. 

I like the softness that this lotion adds to my skin but I do find it to be just a tad bit greasy at first (like many lotions) until the product has a chance to “soak” into your skin, so to speak. After that, it leaves a nice light lingering scent throughout the day. I have tested this on my body, however not my face, and I would not recommend to use a body lotion on your face, especially if you have sensitive facial skin like I do. However, being that these are made with 100% natural ingredients, you may be able to if you really wanted to. 

I don’t have any issues with ANY of these products leaving a residue on my skin. There is no oiliness, greasiness, and what not to these products. (With the exception that I mentioned about the body lotion being greasy until it sets in) I am actually going to mention again how amazed I am with the bar soaps. They truly leave your skin feeling so clean it’s practically squeaky!

Overall, these products may seem a little pricey and upscale but they are made with natural and organic ingredients and often times I will find that organic and natural products have a much higher price tag. I don’t mind it if I really like the products. 

I am absolutely in love with the body wash and the handcrafted bar soaps. The body lotion I do like, but I just think the other two products mentioned are really the best of the bunch. If I had to recommend any ONE product from this line, it would be the handcrafted scented bar soap in Pomegranate & Pear. =) 

These products are available at http://facefactsbylori.com. You should also browse around and check out the lipsticks and lip liners they have! (Refer to my review of Lip Facts for those product reviews and more photographs!)

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