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Beauty Stat Review: Face Facts by Lori LIP PRODUCTS!

Occasionally we fall into the same every day routine and that consists of the same every day boring nude shades that a lot of us tend to use because they feel safe to us. Today, I’m here to show you girls some new lipsticks and lip liners that can switch up your routine from drab to fab!

These products are from a company called Face Facts. The specific line of lip products is called Lip Facts. They strive to produce all natural, luxury cosmetic products which are made with many organic ingredients. Lori Hoffman is not only a professional make-up artist but also the founder of Face Facts. 

Other information you may want to know about Lip Facts… They do not test on animals. The packaging is 100% recyclable. These products contain mineral pigments. They do not contain: parabens, mineral oil, petroleum, certified dykes or lakes, or lead. 

I will first begin with the Lip Facts Lipstick. The website (http://facefactsbylori.com) says that these lipsticks are 100% natural, color-rich, longwearing, and have an ultra emollient formulation. The creamy base conditions lips and provides a stay-put stay. Botanical ingredients provide nourishing moisturizers, smoothing waxes, non-greasy oils, and vitamins. They are lightly scented with Ylang Ylang. 

First, I will start with the packaging. I really enjoy the packaging and find it to be quite sturdy. The lipstick tube itself has a small beveled area which snaps snugly onto the cap. I have found that the caps do not fall off, which is a fear of all of us if you are like me and enjoy tossing your lipstick shade of the day into your purse. No messes here! As far as the colors of the packaging, it is very elegant. In the photographs, the purple really draws out of the packaging but it is actually a very beautiful maroon type of shade. The Face Facts symbol is on the front of the lipstick in gold. There is also a gold band around the lipstick as well. On the bottom, everything you need to know about the lipstick is there, the name of the shade, weight of the product, where it was distributed, etc. I do wish that the outside of the product did state Lip Facts though, but that really is not a big deal.

The exterior packaging that the product actually comes in also states the name of the company, the shade, some facts about the product and the ingredients. 

Now, let’s talk about the actual product inside. These lipsticks are absolutely amazing! These are basically like long-wear lipsticks, in my opinion! (I did wear these paired with the Lip Facts Lip Liner – will be mentioned towards the end of the review) I have worn most of these colors all day long without having to touch up. Of course, throughout the day, and eating and talking at work, they do fade a bit but they are still surprisingly and amazingly pigmented at the end of the day. I did find that if I paired one of my lip glosses over it, it did affect the wear of the lipstick, but I didn’t find it to be too bothersome to just take a few seconds of time to reapply. No big deal here either. 

There is a slightly typical lipstick scent to these lipsticks. I didn’t find it to be really strong or anything, but it’s just something to note that these do have that smell (at least I thought so).
I do enjoy the formula to these lipsticks I must say. They are very creamy (with one exception which I will get to later). 90% of the time I am wearing these, I do NOT wear a lip gloss over top! You just don’t need to. They have an awesome creamy finish and they are not drying to your lips at all. Of course, I do moisturize my lips before putting lipstick on which I suggest everyone does.  

I  have tested all of the shades that Face Facts currently offer, and you can see them swatched in the photograph here. From top to bottom, they are: Berry Mauve, Almond Cream, Soft Autumn, Plum Brandy, Passion Fruit, Ivory Frost, Bronze Shimmer and Raisin.
My favorites out of this bunch are Almond Cream and Passion Fruit. Almond Cream is the perfect nude shade! It’s not too light and not too dark. Passion Fruit is a great deep pinky mauve color however swatches a little bit different than its true color. It looks amazing on the lips. Bronze Shimmer is another great color, but it is a deeper, darker bronze shade and would look great on deeper skin tones. 

Most of these colors are bold but they do offer two nude shades (Almond Cream and Soft Autumn). I do however think all of these shades are wearable regardless of the pop of color that comes alongside most of them! 

I just wanted to note that the texture of Ivory Frost is almost gritty to me. It’s basically the shimmer/glitter in it that makes it feel this way to the lips. However, this color cannot be worn alone (unless you have a very bold personality!) I have worn this over top of other lipsticks, applied with a lip brush, or on my lips as a lipstick and then paired with a pink lip gloss over the top, which actually creates a very nice baby pink shimmery lip. When wearing Ivory Frost, as it wore off, it did not leave residual bits of shimmer/glitter on my lips. (Totally a plus)

Lip Facts lipsticks can be purchased at http://facefactsbylori.com and they retail for $14.99 each. 

Now, I will move on to the Lip Facts Lip Liner. According to the Face Facts website, these colors are made from harvested California Cedar Wood. They are designed to prevent fading, bleeding and feathering. You can also use these as a base coat before applying Face Facts lipstick for longer lasting coverage.

The packaging for these is similar to the lipstick in color. You get that gorgeous maroon shade on the pencil end, and it comes with a classy gold top. Again, everything you need to know about the product is on the label; the name of the shade, where it was made, etc. These actually do not have the Face Facts logo on them but actually just say “Lip Facts.” The cap fits snugly on the pencil and does not fall off in your handbag or purse.
The exterior packaging that the product actually comes in also states the name of the company, the shade, some facts about the product and the ingredients. 

I find these lip liners to be just as impressive as the lipsticks. They are creamy, they are pigmented and they don’t give you that “catch and drag” feel when you apply them. They are great to use as a base for your lipsticks and I do find that these actually help the lipstick last longer, and prevent fading. 

Something to note is that these lip liners do have a strong “woodsy” scent when you open the packaging, but they are made with California Cedar Wood so that would be the end result of that obviously. I did not find this to be bothersome or irritating. They are not retractable lip pencils and will therefore need to be sharpened. 

I have these in five shades, although six were sent to me. One was packaged in a box that said Cranberry, but it was actually Praline. (Sad face) The shades that I do have though are: Praline, Plum, Mocha, Hazelnut, and Wine. These are listed from left to right to correspond with the swatch photograph of the lip liners. You will notice there are two swatches of each lip liner in the picture. One is a one pass swatch to show how it will actually apply to the lips when used as a liner once, and the more rectangular swatch is actually me building up the color and shading in to show you how it will look if applied as a base to the lips. 

The Lip Facts lip liners retail for $10.99 and are available at http://facefactsbylori.com

Overall, these products did amaze me. I have fallen in love with them and if more shades were available I would probably purchase them. 

The price may be steep for some of you, but if you think about the prices that you would pay at a drugstore for a lipstick and/or lip liner, they really are not that steep. They have around the same price point as a MAC product. Drugstore lipsticks average for anywhere from around $7.00 to $10.00 so these are only a few dollars more and definitely worth it! 

**** I am not affiliated with Face Facts nor am I a promoter for this company. All products were provided at no charge for the purpose of reviewing. All opinions are 100% mine, true and unbiased. 

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