Saturday, May 12, 2012

Breaking Dawn ROCKS!

This has easily become my new favorite true gold eye shadow.. It's "Breaking Dawn" and is available at I used it in the following eye shadow look, along with Trax from ICC as well as 3 Wishes and Cupid as a highlight.

This pigment is only $5.00 for a full size 5 gram jar, or $1.00 for a sample size clam shell jar. Definitely worth it's weight in gold (no pun intended). I absolutely am in love with color and it is so beautiful both used dry and foiled. (I used this eye shadow foiled in the picture above)

Be sure to take advantage of our code MOTHERSDAY2012 to get 15% off of your orders over $20.00! This code will no longer be active after May 14!!! Be sure to mention at check out that Dawn sent you =)

BTW ~ Check out my You Tube channel as I will be having a tutorial for this very look coming up shortly!

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