Sunday, August 19, 2012

Sensa Update - Month 1 Week 1

Hi everyone,

I was going to do Sensa vlog updates on You Tube but I figured that after a while, the videos would become a little redundant and become me just talking about the same things in video form, so I thought a blog post would be the best.

If you haven't already figured it out, I'm trying to lose weight and I'm using Sensa for additional assistance. When I say additional assistance, I mean I am not solely relying on Sensa for my weight loss. I recently had a baby girl (around eleven months ago) and I'm struggling to lose the last 20 pounds or so to get my pre-pregnancy figure back. 

Sensa is a weight loss tool that you simply sprinkle over your food, each meal before you eat it. It is a tasteless and odorless powder-like substance. There is an allotted side for salty foods and a side for sweet foods. In addition to using Sensa, I am maintaining 1200 calories per day for my caloric intake (I will not starve myself, if I need to eat more, I will) and I am currently working out 5 days a week. 

Today is my last day of week two, so I am a little late with this blog post, but I wanted to be sure to get up my week one blog. For week one, I lost one pound exactly. I did cheat a little though, I had a little bit of pasta about mid-week and went over a bit on my calories and I had Subway on the weekend, which caused me to go a teeny bit over. 

All in all, I'm proud that I lost a pound, but I do not feel that Sensa in any way aided to my loss of a pound last week considering that I busted my butt working out and really maintaining my strict diet.

Sensa claims that most users lost 30 pounds in a six month period (that's how long the product is supposed to be used), without adjusting their exercise routine or any part of their eating routine. They also claim that it may take a couple of weeks for use. 

Sensa is supposed to work in a way to suppress your appetite by tricking your body into thinking it is fuller without actually being full. I cannot say that I have experienced this in week one, but maybe it just takes a little while to work.

Regardless, I will keep everyone updated week by week on my fitness/diet routine as well as how Sensa is working out for me.

Thank you all for reading. :) 

Please share any diet/exercise/weight loss stories, tips or anything like that. I could use the extra motivation. :) 

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